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Primarily covering Ventura County.  Producing photographs, videos and digital content from a unique perspective,
 Virtual Terrain Tours is located in Ventura, California, USA

With the very recent proliferation of toy multirotor helicopters, often inaccurately referred to as "drones", there will bound to be an emergence of instant want-to-be aerial photographers, no more capable than enthusiastic appliance operators, certainly not proficient helo pilots OR photographers/videographers.

   It should be important to consider someone who is serious minded, insightful, sensible, multifaceted, and experienced to provide your  "whole package"  photographic services.

Furthermore, by having a responsible operator involved, you do not perpetuate the risk of having unscrupulous and careless people who may cause the authorities to shut down the use of R/C aircraft.  Those who abuse the capabilities of these new aircraft are sure to present problems for the rest of us who abide by common sense and restraint in their use.

The use of a video transmitter downlink requires a Ham License.  I would bet that most of the  new operators that use a video screen or goggles don't even know what amateur radio is, let alone comply with the FCC rules.  Help limit liability and prevent interference...authorize only one aerial provider to your event, and use the most qualified and experienced pilot.


More than 15 years experience covering GIS Mapping, 3D Terrain Imagery, aerial - regular photography, Navy and Amateur (Ham) radio communications, SAR, Civil Air Patrol, Aerial Fire mapping and tactical infrared operation, video and photo editing, computer flight simulator pilot, and electronics design.  Additionally, with a B.S. in Biology, scientific methods and principles give an appreciation and familiar understanding of related technical/scientifically based projects.  Beyond piloting skills, a good understanding of what the end user wants is a basic requirement.  Taking ground school and having many years of flight crew experience has provided an excellent appreciation and awareness of aviation and the importance of respecting mutual airspace exclusion.

Since 2008, easily over 2600 flights direct experience with R/C helicopters and aerial photography.  A wide variety of subjects and conditions provide a basis for expecting the best and safest possible results.  Am comfortable working with everyone. Will consider any reasonable request for aerials.   Very versatile and flexible.     Review a list of some references.    More about aerial photographySee the FAQ page also.

NEW... recent changes in terminology and rules may be coming.   This is a result of the problems created by irresponsible people as described above.    Everyone suffers because of a few.  

Home of the Original Ultimate Comprehensive Virtual Tours

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Still photos plus   Excellent Quality HD Aerial Video

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  • Affordable Aerial photos and GIS Imagery fills the gap in the existing style of Real Estate Tour presentations, by complimenting them with the missing geographic and scenery element surrounding a property.  A more complete and comprehensive visualization of important features can be clearly shown in a logical sequence.  A real sense of familiarity is gained from these tours.
  • Highly informative photography and presentation.
  • Photos from creative vantage points and normally inaccessible places
  • Why not place as much emphasis on the exterior as interior tours do!
  • Ask about my creative flyers for vacant property....ranch acreage and lots.
  • Flyer and postcards for your listings with QR Code
  • webpage design, creation and Hosting
  • Virtual Tour Slideshows can be viewed on all smartphones.
  • Ask about Closing Gift Photo Plaques!
  • High and Low resolution digital photos for printing and web
  • Rapid Response and turnaround
  • Can Upload Virtual Tours to

By integrating aerial photos with exterior ground based photos, a variety of presentations may be created, which are perfect for web sites and printed publications.   Equestrian Estates, ranches, farms, and hilltop/hillside homes, lend themselves particularly well to aerials as part of a total photographic package.  Any home, even on a small lot,  with interesting architecture and landscaping, surrounded by geographic attributes make great subjects as well.  Photos can be marked with property delineation and annotations.   Showcase your property by having me create a tour combining high altitude aerial imagery, low altitude aerial photos, and ground based outdoor and interior photography.  The ultimate "sky-to-sink" visual coverage.  Let me help you sell your properties by enhancing your website and printed materials.  These virtual tours can be uploaded to YouTube.

When a link to the Virtual Tour is provided, it can be placed on your website and the MLS.

Both branded and unbranded Virtual Tour versions can be made

I can provide QR code images for use on your flyers and signs which allow smartphone users to view the virtual tours and visit your websites.

Helpful recommendation...arrange for your photo session before your brochures, flyers and web pages are already made!!  Early-On notification can contribute a lot more to your listing, in addition to allowing for yard work, staging, caravans, open house, and poor weather conditions.  View a Project Worksheet 

Remember, my photography is also about promoting a LIFESTYLE, not simply showing a traditional view of a home.

New offerings....see pricing page


Similar to Real Estate Photos, these are custom  aerial photos that a Home Owner requests for personal use.  They often also would involve multiple vantage points, and could result in a Slideshow or Spin Tour type of digital production.  Excellent quality prints can be made.

      learn about the Virtual Tour & Guides for the Ventura County Area including both harbors in detail.

 View a video tour here

Works great on Computers and most Android Systems!   To update a new Android devise to show Flash...    Search; "archived Adobe flash", then select the Adobe web site, scroll down halfway to the list of Android flash updates.  Use the current one for Android 4. Download to your mobile devise.  In settings/security on your devise, temporarily select "allow install from non-market apps".   Then run the installation file you downloaded in the Download folder

Provides essentially an online visual map based integration of tourism flyers, natural landmarks, attractions, plus much more.

A value added tool and advertising for businesses, Real Estate, Educational and historical locations, and other attractions throughout the area.

Highly adaptable for individual needs and applications.

Easy to link from your website to custom tour editions.

Business website links appear on a reciprocal listing basis with the other custom tour editions on line.   Multiplies your web exposure and business visibility.

Additional content and expansion is ongoing.

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Presentations to teach procedures.  Operations Manuals.


Virtual Brochures can combine all of the media created here.  Put a slide show on DVD showcasing your business in addition to placing it on your website.



  • Weddings
  • Engineering
  • Emergency Services - SAR
  • Documentary
  • Training and demonstrations
  • And More

  • Interactive Virtual Tour & Guides of Ventura Harbor, Ventura County western area, and Channel Islands Harbor, a Map and Photo based tour of attractions and businesses.  A simple ONE PAGE USER FRIENDLY, easy to navigate site gives the visitor maximum visual information and access to business websites.   See  Ventura Harbor Boatyard  for example.  Designed to educate visitors, promote the region, and expand exposure and advertising for businesses. The Tour opens in a new window.   SEE SAMPLE


All photos and shows can be provided in both High Resolution for printing or DVD, and Low Resolution for the Web   Media can be hosted here instead of your site if desired.



     ONLINE STORE FOR PURCHASE OF UNUSUAL PHOTOS, in wide angle panorama and standard format.                     SOON TO BE UPDATED!

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