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GIS programs and Google Earth provide means to visualize geographic areas.

See the Google Earth section for how it can be implemented for your tours.

Both 2D and 3D Imagery from GIS data, topographic maps, roads and other information can be combined to create a geographic workup that is both visually and geographically informative.  This process does not utilize Google Earth, but GIS programs and data.  A more comprehensive report can be generated this way.

Often, a single representative GIS derived 3D aerial picture is used as the Introduction to a Slideshow Tour.  This "view from an aircraft" complete with property lines, will quickly orient the viewer to the property and surroundings, and can "set the stage" for the tour.

Additionally, 3D views captured from GIS can be arranged in a slide show that can be included with any other type of photo show that I offer.

  • Provides an excellent method to compliment photographs
  • Learn about surrounding points of interest or influence
  • Proximity to attractions is always important
  • Become geospatially aware
  • Include custom symbols and annotations
  • Calculate acreage and other measurements
  • My aerial photos can be incorporated into GIS
  • Ortho Photos can cover up to about 40 acres per flight.

Example of GIS aerial photo...

Six years experience with aerial Wild Fire mapping as GIS Specialist and tactical IR operator while aircrew on Air Attack 07, LPNF.     Some work well under fire, while others like myself worked even better over fire!!