Specializing in RC Helicopter Aerial Photography, Virtual Tours. GIS and Viewscape Photography


Uniquely equipped and capable of High Quality Low Altitude Aerial Photos and Video 

Using an advanced  State of the Art, Hobby Class Model Remote Control Precision MultiRotor Electric Helicopter, (not a long range UAV or Drone),  up to 16MP still photos* and HD videos can be taken.  Many flights per site visit are possible, and both wide angle panoramas and normal still shots can be produced.  Oblique angle views really show a property in an interesting and informative way, when important features are included.  The goal is to enhance, and accent, the appearance of a property that cannot be seen or appreciated from the ground, or "curb view".     Capture the distant scenery surrounding the property.  Utilize the geographic context that a birds eye view can give.  Photo flights are frequently below 150 feet above ground for a minute.  Each flight will have its own parameters. Late evening/sunset pictures can also be taken..       Request your photoflights as soon as possible to maximize weather opportunities.

With the latest hi-tech multi rotor gimbaled camera system, excellent results for both still photography and video are achieved.   Flyover, flyby and panoramas are possible.

   *   The ultimate photo Megapixel size is not  the overriding criteria for my aerial photography.     (Some high MP cameras do not produce as good a result as lower ones do).  It is Content and Composition that is important.  Conveying a message about Geographic Orientation, Surrounding Features  and LifeStyle while attracting interest in a property is the main goal.   The resulting sense of familiarity is achieved through creative positioning and technique while providing sharp images.

Below, using the traditional type of helicopter before multirotors.  Not for "appliance operators"

    >   Weather always is a consideration, and calm (or mild breeze), clear, or partly cloudy conditions make for the best pictures or videos.  High quality video and photos however can be obtained even in moderate wind. Allow adequate time to work around poor weather....request your photoflights at the start of your project!   The soonest opportunity to fly could be the  best chance before your publication is due.  "A Bird in the Air on a nice day is worth 50 on the ground in unacceptable weather".

Additional Considerations;   Avoidance of spectators, other people arriving and departing, and extra vehicles at the launch area is important.   As much as possible, an unobstructed working area is required.

  • Much better quality than can be expected from full sized helicopter or fixed wing aircraft, and less intrusive!

  • Smooth panning videos for typically 4 up to approximately 9 minutes per flight are possible

  • Evening and Night videos and photos are possible.

  • Can take HD Video and high resolution wide angle photos simultaneously.

  • Flights can be conducted all day long.  This could be over 30 flights.  Multiple aircraft allow for flexibility and numerous flights.  Can therefore cover a very large area.

  • Flights of up to easily 1000 feet away from the launch point can be done.

  • Rapid Response, flexible positioning, easy access to subject area, no noise impact on nearby people, high quality photos that can be included in a complete virtual tour, quick turnaround, no additional expense for fuel or pilot are many reasons to use my aerial photo services. Can have your pictures taken from multiple vantage points before a balloon is filled and launched, even in the wind!!!

    Not just for your large estates and hard-to-get shots....can make great street side elevated views as well.

    Full range camera angle, 0 - 90 degrees (straight down view).  Can create ortho photos for an area up to about 80 acres per flight.  GeoTiff images will import into GIS

    Very quick big production, long setup time, no support staff or materials, no trailers or poles, and no "staging" required.  Can have photos taken in just 3 minutes without complication or commotion.  Of all the types of aerial photo aircraft used, my multi rotor helicopter is the least affected by wind...even high wind.

    "If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then a true aerial photo must be worth 10,000 words!"

    WHY call  everything a DRONE now?.... SEE BELOW for visual history:

    It must be to create a catch-all group for the purpose of marketing and control.  Changing the names of helicopters will not stop abusers and careless operators.