Specializing in RC Helicopter Aerial Photography, Virtual Tours. GIS and Viewscape Photography


New pricing structure available soon.

Project based pricing ... contact for info.


unique url 1 page website w domain up to one year       $85 

Real Estate photos; structure and property, exterior and interior, Google Earth file with hosted tour, no aerials    $160

Real Estate photos; land farm/ranch,  (no emphasis on structures) aerials, ground photos, hosted tour, Google Earth file  

Real Estate photos; structure ground based exterior only photos including panoramas,  hosted virtual tour, Google Earth file  no aerials   $130     without Google Earth file    $110

Exterior Photos including panoramas only;  no aerials, interior, virtual tour or google earth file    $85

All of the above can include separate jpg images as described in the RE Deal section    

custom flyers, single side design w QR code                                 $75

custom flyers, double side design w QR code                               $145

Special Project                                                         ask for quote

Major Photo Enhancement-edits/digital gardening        $25 - $75  depending upon extent of modifications and number of photos

Slide Show Flash or Windows format                                 $60   Narration extra

Wide Angle Panorama    digital                                        $25 (qty pricing available)

Google Earth "zoom to view" Tour File, preparation with property outline and info     $ 20

Hosting for link to RE Media (Slideshows, Google Earth file)                      n/c

Closing Gift Photo Plaque   Inscribed                          ask

Video, aerial (per site)                                                     ask

8 x 10 Color Prints (per photo)                             $50 not including shipping

360° ground based Panorama  digital jpg                   $60

360° panorama in QuickTime                                      $60

Flash   interactive tour                                              $85

3D Anaglyph digital photo, each                                        $65

3D video clip                                                                     $95

GIS WORKUP                                                               ask for quote   
This could include a slideshow of terrain imagery using 3D GIS aerial photo data, overlays, and annotations about local points of interest. Great for large properties like farms, ranches and proposed developments.


Out of area projects may require some time/travel expense costs.