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Slide shows are either in Windows Media or Flash formats.  Flash is a very common standard format for direct imbedding into a web page, for use with the Shockwave Player Plug-in.  Most computers today have the free viewer already installed, but is otherwise available from the Adobe website as a download.  Much more creative freedom, interactive capability, and very small file sizes are advantages of using FLASH over Windows Media.  Windows Media can be uploaded to YouTube.

A combination of GIS imagery, aerial photos, ground based photos and video clips can provide a unique approach to showcasing your subject.  Panoramic wide angle views with panning and zooming give a dynamic video look to the presentations.  Narration may be included. At this time, music will not be added, (see FAQ)        Below is a Flash slideshow...           View Windows Media Format



Flash Format

See an additional Google Earth Tour as part of this.   Be sure you have Google Earth installed on your computer.


     Have your media hosted with Virtual Terrain Tours.  I would send you the link to place on your is that easy.  See how your Slide Show would appear with this demo.  Note that it will be in a separate window.  It does not make viewers leave your website, or substitute for your webpage.

By having me create the Slide Show from my photos, the presentation will accent the panoramas and produce a logical flow to your tour.  It will also include the GIS imagery unique to my presentations, maintaining the continuity and any interactive features intended by the author.   In addition, the Google Earth Tour will be available as part of the Slide Show Tour.  Edits, like adding a more photos, can quickly be made when I retain the original files.

A slide show tour version can be made so that it is viewable on smartphones, both Android and IPhones.

A Slide Show with only my exterior tour can be added to a website along with other interior view tours.

Also play on Picture Frames or Large Flat Screen Display